Eco-friendly Body Wash: Better Product for Saving the Environment

Since the year is ending soon, it is this time of the year when we start planning for the next 12 months to come. Fresh new goals can be a method for assisting you with how you will spend the next year of your life. This can include implementing ethical practices in your daily routine for example an eco-friendly body wash.

Although going green has become popular in recent years, it has a lot more than just helping the environment.

Apart from the fact that eco-friendly products ensure the safety of the climate, they come up with a lot of health-related benefits.

These are long-term benefits that a person only sees when they promote ethical choices.

This article completes everything you need to know about environmentally friendly body washes. Their benefits and top brands to watch out for are all discussed below.

What is an Eco-friendly Body Wash?

As we know body wash is normally a gel-like product that is designed in a way that it doesn’t stay longer on your skin.

Apart from that, they provide your skin with well-needed moisture and ensure that your body keeps the natural oils it produces.

what is an eco friendly body wash

Eco-friendly body washes come with natural ingredients that are better for your skin and the environment.

However, most people don’t know whether the product they are buying is eco-friendly or not. So how to check the sustainability of your body wash?

Check the Label of your Body Wash

Chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances, which can irritate the skin are found in conventional body washes.

Therefore, you need to check if they are present in your body wash.

If it has chemical surfactants, it might cause you more damage rather than being beneficial.

Change your body wash today if it has the following ingredients list

  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Artificial color
  • Triclosan

Why Choose Eco-friendly Body Wash

The environment-friendly body wash is an excellent alternative to conventional body washes which contain polluting chemicals.

Here are a few motivations behind why you need to switch towards an eco-friendly option.

1. Better for the Climate

Sustainable body washes are normally made with natural, biodegradable, and organic ingredients.

They additionally use sustainable products which lower the overall carbon footprint of the item.

2. Skin Friendly

Green body washes are better for your skin because they contain natural and organic ingredients.

All of these ingredients are naturally delicate for your skin and help in making it healthier.

Furthermore, they are free from all of the harmful chemicals that promote skin dryness.

3. They Support Ethical Practices

Eco-accommodating body washes are made to follow ethical practices like fair trade sourcing and recycled packaging.

As a consumer, purchasing these items regularly ensures that you are doing your social responsibility.

4. Sustainably obtained Ingredients

Sustainable body washes are made from ingredients that are dependably obtained.

This means they are created morally and without hurting the climate.

They have organic ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil that are obtained in natural ways.

Advantages of a plant-based Body Wash

Sustainable body washes are made in a way that they don’t harm the environment in any way.

Body washes which are made from plant-based materials have several advantages for your skin.

Not only they are better for climate but also provide the following benefits

Skin Hydration

Skin hydration is a very important factor for all of us. Most importantly, people who have dry skin need to have hydrated skin.

Although a moisturizer is an excellent tool for them, it only provides short-term benefits for a limited area of your body.

This is where the benefits of a body wash come to play their part.

They provide you with the appropriate amount of moisturization and ensure that the hydration is fully locked in.

Cruelty-free and Vegan

Numerous eco-friendly body washes are vegan and cruelty-free.

This clears the fact that they are made from natural materials and aren’t tested on animals in any way.

By choosing these products, you guarantee to save the lives of animals.

Skin Treatment Properties

Plant-based body wash contains natural ingredients list that have been used as healing agents for a long time.

Most of them contain Aloe Vera, which is an excellent skin antioxidant and has antibacterial properties.

It not only cleans your skin but also forestalls any skin infections that might come through conventional body washes.

Naturally Combats Bacteria

Throughout their daily routine, people come in contact with dirt and dust which contains harmful bacteria.

It is considered completely normal for skin pores to get blocked due to the dirt building up on our skin.

This results in skin inflammation and red spots appearing on it which is certainly not a generally excellent look.

Decyl Glucoside and Coco Glucoside are two natural chemicals present in plant-based body washes that remove dirt and dust from the body while keeping moisture in.

Stops Skin Irritation

Skin irritation is a very common problem that gets worse if you continue scratching it.

But if you keep scratching your skin like that for a long time, the upper layer of your skin might get permanently damaged.

With plant-based body wash, your skin comes in contact with herbal ingredients that are normally obtained from plant-based items.

It protects your skin from constant irritation and itchiness because there are no chemicals present in it.

It also soothes the skin and leaves it feeling soft and moisturized.

Supporting Sustainable Brands

By buying eco-accommodating body wash, you are supporting brands that focus on sustainability and ethical practices.

In their manufacturing processes, these brands strive to reduce waste, pollution, and environmental harm and frequently have a lower carbon footprint.

Lessening Waste

Another way in which an eco-friendly body wash can have an effect is by lessening waste.

We must utilize products that have sustainable packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable.

Hence, it can help in achieving a significant reduction of plastic waste in landfills.

Additionally, ensuring that no harmful chemicals are released into the environment can be accomplished by selecting such products.

The best Eco-friendly Brands for Body Washes

Almost 99% of people take a bath every day, but it’s important to make sure the products they are using are safe for your body, sustainable, and good for the environment.

We have compiled a list of the best eco-friendly brands for body washes that you can rely on without sacrificing quality or performance.

These brands are committed to a sustainable future and ensure to avoid ingredients and compounds that could hurt your skin or the climate.

Dr. Bronners

Dr. Bronners is a well-known manufacturer of natural body washes which are also biodegradable.

All of their products are made for people with sensitive skin. Dr. Bronners utilizes natural elements for example, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.

Furthermore, they have incredible fragrances which further enhance the user experience.

Their fragrances like lavender are among their top-selling items.

2. Aesop

Aesop is a top-quality body wash brand that doesn’t use animal products and only uses natural and botanical ingredients in its products.

Additionally, their plastic-free packaging is recyclable and eco-friendly.

Aesop’s body wash and shampoo conditioner is free from parabens, sulfates, and artificial components, making it ideal for those with delicate skin.

3. Puracy

Puracy is a plant-based, eco-accommodating body wash brand that offers biodegradable items.

The company uses essential oils to make sure that they are minimizing their negative environmental impact.

However, these natural oils also ensure to make products that are naturally delicate to your skin.

Puracy uses recyclable materials in its packaging and containers to reduce packaging waste.

4. Ethique

Ethique is a zero-waste and environmentally friendly body wash brand that emphasizes a lot on moral practices.

The brand offers a lot of personal care products for example their shampoo conditioner doesn’t use harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances.

Ethique likewise uses eco-friendly packaging and also requests its customers to reuse the packaging.

The customers can also send their empty bottles back to them if they want them to be recycled properly.

5. The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a cruelty-free, ethical brand that sells products that are sourced sustainably.

Body washes for all skin types are available at The Body Shop in a vast selection.

They utilize ethically obtained products, for example, shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil.


Using an eco-friendly body wash can help you reduce your impact on the environment.

There are a lot of brands that provide you with amazing choices like Dr Bronners and Puracy.

Apart from providing top-quality body washes, all of their items come in recyclable packaging.

Whether you’re searching for something regular, vegan, or just top-notch, you can always find a better option than the conventional body washes.

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