Ethical makeup Brands that are Revolutionizing the Makeup and Fashion Industry

Conventional cosmetics are used in a large number worldwide, but they might seem more skin-friendly. Chemical fillers that are present in these cosmetics are linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, and reproductive damage. So, what are the best ethical makeup brands with organic ingredients that will not harm our skin without jeopardizing our overall look?

Top 10 Ethical Makeup Brands

This article features the top 10 brands revolutionizing the beauty industry with eco-friendly cosmetics. Continue reading to learn vegan and cruelty-free brands to shop from

Top 10 Ethical Makeup Brands

1. Antonym

Antonym is a famous sustainable and ecological beauty business based in the USA. They provide their customers with clean cosmetics, including 99% natural components.

In addition to that, 11% of these components are certified organic. From an ethical point of view, Antonym exclusively utilizes bamboo compacts or glass bottles for packaging.

Their exterior packaging is either recycled materials or FSC-certified paper.

Antonym emphasizes that soft materials can help you achieve powerful appearances without sacrificing performance. Their makeup is generally for:


In this range, they have liquid, blush, and powder foundations. Their Skin Esteem foundations include 99% natural organic ingredients.


For eyes, Antonym provides eyeshadow, eyebrow pencils, and mascaras. Being skin-friendly, their makeup is free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Moreover, no synthetic oils, artificial scents, GMOs, petrochemicals, fillers, or preservatives are used in their eye makeup or eye pencils.

2. The Elate Beauty

Elate is a cosmetics brand that guarantees to provide environmentally friendly and ethical beauty products.

To ensure that their cosmetics don’t harm the environment, they are manufactured with materials that are safe for people.

The best part is that Elate Beauty provides sustainable packaging and encourages its customers to recycle it.

This business is owned by women dedicated to collaborating with other female entrepreneurs.

The Elate cosmetics catalog includes all kinds of makeup for eyes, face, and lips. Moreover, they have an exceptional range of makeup kits and tools that a fashion enthusiast might love.

3. RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty is a good option to make ecological choices and decrease waste. It is one of the leading ethical makeup brands that prioritizes natural beauty products for customers.

They provide a diverse choice of zero-waste cosmetics solutions, making going green without sacrificing quality quickly.

RMS Beauty’s focus on utilizing sustainable packaging is one of its most notable aspects. Their makeup products are packaged in stylish, recyclable glass jars.

This ultimately reduces the plastic waste associated with other cosmetic brands.

Other items are meticulously packaged in an aluminum tube with a reusable metal tube key to ensure that every last bit is dispensed before recycling.

The exterior packaging comprises 80% recyclable paper and is printed with plant-based ink.

The products of RMS Beauty have received positive feedback for their high-quality pigments, long-lasting wear, and nourishing qualities.

Look no further than RMS Cosmetic if you want a sustainable makeup company with zero waste.

4. Kjaer Weis 

Another ethical makeup company on the list of sustainable makeup brands is Kjaer Weis.

They are aiming to “create beauty products that are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.”

Their reusable packaging solution is one of the primary ways they promote sustainability in their goods.

Customers may buy cosmetics in long-lasting metal compacts that can be renewed when the product runs out.

Additionally, the beauty brand prioritizes the use of ethically sourced and sustainably produced ingredients.

Their goods are organically certified, created with natural and plant-based materials, and do not include any dangerous chemicals.

They also practice social responsibility by collaborating with organizations that promote women’s education and empowerment.

Makeup Products

The diverse list of Kjaer Weis includes all kinds of makeup for skin, face, cheeks, eyes, and lips.

They have impressive face moisturizers and primers, which are incredible for all kinds of skin. Moreover, they have unique tools and kits, which many makeup artists prefer.

5. Axiology

Axiology is one of the top ecological cosmetics products worldwide, claiming to be “100% evil-free”.

This brand firmly stands against things like palm oil and animal experimentation. Many substances like castor and sunflower oil are completely safe and non-toxic.

They recently discontinued lipstick tubes and now only sell cardboard push tubes of color creams or multi-use “lip-to-lid” Balms.

These lipstick crayons have no extra packaging and can also be used on the eyes and cheeks.

Their outer packaging is also sustainable and is provided by an Indonesian woman-owned recycled paper business.

Axiology also supports the Orangutan Foundation International, which rehabilitates endangered animal species displaced by palm oil industry logging.

6. Juice Beauty 

Juice Beauty is a beauty and skincare brand emphasizing sustainability by providing eco-friendly and effective makeup products.

Their goal is to minimize their environmental effect in all aspects of their company.

This is why they use organic botanicals, fruit stem cells, and sustainable packaging. Juice Beauty works directly with organic farmers to fulfill their purpose.

They even obtain a percentage of their beauty products from their organic farm in California.

Furthermore, they prioritize waste reduction by using recycled paper and soy ink in their packaging.

Juice Beauty has also collaborated with Terra Cycle to provide a sustainable recycling program. On top of that, their farm and offices are powered entirely by solar energy.

Makeup Products

Juice Beauty has a diverse range of beauty products, including primers and blushes. They have all kinds of makeup for eyes and lips.

And the best part is that Juice Beauty has a special haircare section with fantastic products.


If you’re looking for an ethical cosmetics company, ILIA should be on your list.

Founded in 2011 by twins Sasha Plavsic and Zacharia Ilia, it is a pioneer in the clean beauty field.

Today, ILIA is one of the top ethical makeup brands that provides high-performance products. They are one of the beauty industry’s top zero-waste beauty businesses, dedicated to lowering their carbon impact.

This beauty brand has a worldwide presence via Sephora shops, offering a comprehensive range of natural beauty and skincare goods.

The company follows a concept that mixes natural and safe synthetic ingredients, which eventually makes ideal beauty products.

The company also attempts to improve package sustainability using recycled aluminum, glass components, and sustainably produced paper.

Makeup Products

The skincare products of ILIA cosmetics have been top-rated by many customers.

Since they provide an organic cosmetic range for the eyes, face, and lips, ethical fashion enthusiasts love them.

8. LYS Cosmetics 

Launched by Tisha Thompson, a beauty artist, LYS Beauty is a cosmetic business that aspires to highlight sustainability, inclusion, and accessibility.

They prioritize using clean, non-toxic chemicals in all of their products.

LYS Cosmetics provides a broad selection of hues and formulas to work with a wide range of skin tones.

The brand also focuses on common skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and sensitive skin.

LYS Beauty uses environmentally friendly makeup products such as biodegradable paper and polymers in its packaging and manufacturing operations.

9. Honeypie Minerals 

Honeypie Minerals is a female-founded sustainable cosmetics brand based in the UK. They manufacture everything in small quantities by utilizing renewable energy.

They know every ingredient’s precise source and origin to guarantee they are ethical and sustainable.

Many women prefer Honeypie Minerals due to their following earth-inspired sustainable cosmetics:

  • They have incredible correctors, foundations, blushes, and bronzers for the face.
  • Honeypie Minerals provides all kinds of eye makeup
  • They have the best tools and kits for makeup artists.
  • Their brushes come with synthetic bristles, recyclable aluminum ferrules, and environmentally friendly bamboo handles.

Their ingredient lists include no nanoparticles, preservatives, mineral oil, or alcohol. Above all, the company has a strict policy for child labor and only collaborates with firms that don’t support it.

10. Well People

The Well People is a natural beauty company that only uses high-quality, non-toxic chemicals in its products.

Their dedication is founded on the concept that the products you use on your skin should always be safe, nutritious, and effective.

The brand’s products are manufactured with natural, organic ingredients, and sustainably derived components.

Their beauty products are free from potentially dangerous substances such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and artificial perfumes.

Instead, they use renewable botanicals like green tea, turmeric, pomegranate, and broccoli seed oils in their products.

This beauty brand also strives to reduce waste in its packaging by utilizing recycled materials wherever feasible.

The Bottom Line

Since people are now aware of how harmful the chemical additives in cosmetics can be for them, moving towards ethical choices has become a priority.

With these ten vegan and cruelty-free brands providing sustainable products, we must prefer them as consumers.

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