Sustainable beauty Packaging: 10 Trends to Improve the Sustainability

Makeup and skincare products generate a massive quantity of plastic waste annually. With this getting to an alarming situation, makeup brands are now considering avoiding plastic packaging. Sustainable beauty packaging is no longer a considered thought in the fashion industry.

It has become an important element since consumers are demanding sustainability with every purchase they make.

Excessive plastic packaging is becoming obsolete and is taken over by sustainable packaging.

Today, environmentally concerned customers pay great attention not only to the components of items but also to their advantage.

eco friendly cosmetics

As a result, top brands are collaborating with sustainable beauty product packaging firms.

This article covers complete details of ethical beauty packaging and its advantages.

Along with that, you will get to know some eco-friendly packaging materials and the brands using them.

What is the Definition of Sustainable Beauty Packaging in the Cosmetics Industry?

Consumers who need to become more familiar with sustainability often ask what sustainable packaging is.

Using manufacturing techniques that are safe and eco-friendly materials is referred to as sustainable packaging.

Using recycled or compostable materials minimizes the quantity of packaging used. Moreover, adopting refillable or reusable packaging

solutions has proven to be highly advantageous for several businesses.

What is the Importance of Sustainable Packaging?

Packaging, without a doubt, displays the brand’s beliefs and aesthetics.

Therefore, the brands must make sure that buyers have a positive experience. 

Sustainable cosmetic packaging helps to save natural resources such as electricity and water.

Furthermore, the supply chain’s negative effects are thoroughly reduced. Furthermore, it helps the brands to

Improve Brand Image

Companies that adopt green packaging can easily improve their brand image.

When the brand focuses on its environmental impact, its connection with consumers improves.

As a result, the brand’s sales will improve, and they will get a high return on investment.

Spending Less Money

Environmentally friendly packaging uses fewer materials, eventually, the cost of shipment and storage.

These packaging materials help improve the life cycle of the product and are equally durable.

Furthermore, these recyclable materials are available cheaply, which helps reduce costs.

Reduced Waste 

Eco-friendly packaging materials provide several advantages over standard materials like plastic.

Not only are they durable, but you can recycle them as well, which makes them a great alternative. Since they can be recycled, less packaging waste is produced in landfills.

Brands Promoting Eco-Friendly Packaging

Over the years, some cosmetic and skincare businesses have successfully integrated sustainable skincare packaging.

Below is a list of some of the brands that are leading the industry with their ethical practices


Lush is among the pioneers of sustainability. They recycle 90% of their packaging and even operate a plastic-free cosmetics store.


Since the 1990s, L’Occitane has fought for sustainability. They have drastically lowered plastic consumption with a target of 100% recycled plastic bottles by 2025.


Herbivore employs recyclable packaging and makes certain that its goods include no fossil fuel ingredients.

Ideas for Eco-Friendly Beauty Packaging

sustainable beauty packaging

1. Recyclable packaging

Post-consumer recycled packaging makes use of recyclable materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, paper, aluminum, and other related items.

After gathering these items in bulk, they are transported to a recycling center.

After that, a bale is produced, which is used to form new objects into the proper shapes and sizes.

2. Bio-based Materials

Instead of harming the environment, bio-based packaging contributes to it by increasing biodiversity and delivering nutrients to the soil.

Mycelium, which is made from mushroom roots, is an ideal option. It is a natural thermal insulator and shows incredible water-resistant properties.

Bio-based plastics are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and adaptable enough to make various product categories.

Today, there are several bio-based plastic substitutes on the market thanks to increased innovations within the industry.

From cellophane-like wrap to solid plastic alternatives, these materials are great for beauty products.

3. Bamboo Packaging

Bamboo wood is often used to produce makeup jars that are coated with glass covering.

Different variations of bamboo are often planted to increase the durability and diversity of the products.

The packaging design can be custom printed to enhance the package look.

4. Paper Wrapping

For a long time, the makeup industry has been using paper as a prime packaging material.

And many experts believe that paper can be a great alternative to plastic packaging.

When it comes to makeup products like lipsticks, their packaging often comes with bubble wrap.

But if you change plastic bubble wrap with paper wrap, you get a better sustainable alternative. 

5. Refillable Packaging

Refillable containers and packaging can help in minimizing the amount of plastic waste.

These packaging materials are often composed of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) polymers.

These polymers provide a strong but flexible grip on the objects placed within. The best part is that these materials can be reused or recycled for convenience.

6. Packaging made with Cornstarch

For cosmetic firms looking for more organic, eco-friendly solutions, cornflour is an excellent substitute for plastic.

It is composed of polylactic acid (PLA), which is obtained from renewable sources such as cornflour or sugarcane.

Although its supply chain could be more sustainable than you might think, it can still be utilized.

Because it is also considered recyclable packaging, it is an excellent option for lotion bottles and skincare products.

It is also non-toxic and emits little emissions, which is why many cosmetic businesses consider it a great alternative.

7. Glass Containers

Since it doesn’t react chemically, glass packaging is frequently considered a preferable option to plastic packaging.

Recycled glass also consumes less manufacturing energy, which saves money on production expenses.

This makes it a better alternative for cosmetics packaging, such as creams and other liquids.

8. Seaweed Packaging

Although many people don’t consider seaweed to be an ideal option for beauty packaging, there can be some exceptions.

Because seaweed packaging is edible and dissolvable, it is an excellent choice for biodegradable cosmetic packaging.

Seaweed is more often found in the food business, but it also offers advantages in the cosmetics industry.

It is an incredible material for face masks, gels, lotions, and other liquid-based cosmetics.

Furthermore, it has no negative environmental effects, which is why you can regard it as a plastic substitute.

9. Aluminum Packaging

Aluminum packaging protects products from light, odors, and moisture since the containers are great insulators apart from being airtight.

This may extend the life cycle of the product until it is ready for use.

Moreover, you can bend it into any form, making it compatible with the majority of cosmetics and beauty products.

10. Beeswax Packaging 

Beeswax is another fascinating and wonderful sustainable cosmetic packaging material.

It comprises beeswax and coconut oil, which is coated with a fabric such as cotton.

As with the other sustainable packaging solutions, beeswax is an excellent alternative to plastic.

Furthermore, this packaging comes in a variety of colors and designs. This is a less expensive choice than some of the other green packaging options for cosmetics.

Last Thoughts

Since a majority of customers demand sustainability, it is becoming more challenging for firms to meet this problem in terms of packaging.

With a lot of packaging options available in the market, moving towards sustainability is always a challenging way.

However, several recyclable materials are easier to purchase and are considered ideal for sustainable beauty packaging.

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