Top Cruelty-free Makeup Brands to Prefer for Saving Animal Lives

Whether you’re shopping at minimal expense or searching for something costly, there’s genuine influence by the way you spend your money. A similar influence comes when you support the best cruelty-free makeup brands.

For people who are socially responsible, it is a great way of putting resources into excellent brands that don’t require animal testing.

By doing that, you will be keeping a good amount of money away from the brands that are not sustainable.

However, determining which makeup brands are truly cruelty-free is not always simple.

Shopping for cruelty-free beauty products can be difficult due to the various labeling criteria and ingredient sourcing methods.

But there is nothing to worry about if you are looking for ethical brands. We’ve chosen a few cruelty-free brands for you because of this.

Some of them might be new brands that you might not have heard of before. While some of them might already be in your cruelty-free makeup collection.

How do we Check Whether we are Shopping for a Cruelty-free Makeup Brand?

Makeup produced without the use of animals at any stage of their development, production, or distribution is referred to as cruelty-free makeup.

cruelty free makeup

But, how can you tell if the makeup is truly free of animal testing?

Cruelty-free Labels

Look for certifications and labels that say the product is cruelty-free.

Have you ever seen a bunny on the packaging of a product? PETA bunny is a logo which is particularly with pink heart ears.

Apart from that, brands that are Leaping Bunny certified is another certification to look for.

Some of the best cruelty-free makeup brands have the Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark and Vegan Action’s Certified Vegan labels.

These logos indicate that the company has adhered to all the requirements to make its products truly cruelty-free.

List of the Best Cruelty-free Makeup Brands

Since you already know how to check the brand certifications, this list includes all of the cruelty-free beauty brands.

We have narrowed down all the brands that are famous among fashion enthusiasts and people who look for inexpensive options.

1. Hourglass

Hourglass Cosmetics is a high-end vegan cosmetics brand with a reputation for innovative formulas.

The organization is known for using unique ingredients in their products. As a result, they are producing makeup intended to work on the look and feel of your skin.

Additionally, Hourglass offers a wide selection of foundation, concealer, blush, and eyeshadow products.

Their Ambient Lighting Powder is a famous product and is preferred by makeup artists.

It’s a famous completing powder that gives your skin a delicate, shining completion.

Apart from their extravagant list of products, they have strict policies to ensure that they are a cruelty-free brand.

They don’t test their ingredients on animals throughout the supply chain.

2. E.L.F. Beauty Care Products

Elf Beauty Care Products is another cruelty-free cosmetics brand that works to suit each eye, lip, and skin type.

For the people who prefer glamorous looks or for minimalists, they have something for everyone.

This is the ideal brand for those who are obsessed with beauty. If you want to give your routine a complete makeover without breaking the bank, this is the brand to look for.

And lastly, if you are concerned about harming the environment, you must know that it is an ethical brand.

Furthermore, they have completed all the requirements of being cruelty-free.


NOTO is a Los Angeles-based gender-neutral beauty brand whose products can be refilled in-store.

They are making their products without testing their privately obtained vegan ingredients on animals.

The best part, their products are additionally fair exchange ensured. NOTO makes multi-reason items that can be used daily.

Using pots and sticks of color to apply to your lips, eyelids, and cheeks helps reduce waste and overconsumption.

All of their packaging is made of recycled plastics, glass, and metal, or is biodegradable.

4. Tarte

Although Tarte isn’t considered an affordable brand, it is not the most expensive.

You can tell the difference when you use the gentler formulas, which only contain healthy ingredients.

Their most popular item comes in the shape of a concealer named Shape Tape.

It is one of the most notable concealers among vegan cosmetics fans and is highly praised by many makeup artists.

Apart from being highly recommended, they are sustainable and have strict cruelty-free policies.

5. Fenty Beauty

Because it is setting the standard for diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry, Fenty Beauty which is superstar Rihanna’s revolutionary makeup line needs no introduction.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you might probably have a lot of experience with its 50 establishments conceals that run the range.

However, did you know that both Fenty Skin and Fenty Beauty don’t require animal testing?

As indicated by the brand’s approaches, it doesn’t involve animal-based ingredients and testing.

Not only that, the brand has strongly prohibited its affiliate links and suppliers from doing the same.

6. Lush

When you think of luxurious scents and scented bath bombs, Lush probably comes to mind first.

It is known for utilizing natural products, vegetables, and medicinal oils to make its handcrafted items.

The brand utilizes raw materials like avocado, coconut oil, and shea spread, which saturate the skin and hair.

The brand offers many items, including cosmetics, shower bombs, cleanser bars, and facial coverings.

The majority of their products don’t come packaged. Hence using them lets you help the environment by reducing waste and carbon footprint.

Moreover, they have adhered to cruelty-free policies throughout their supply chain.

7. Too Faced

When it comes to vegan and cruelty-free makeup, Too Faced is a cruelty-free brand that provides its customers with quality.

Their product category has everything you will need and comes with extraordinary quality.

So, assuming that you’re searching for cruelty-free cosmetics items, this is the brand to look for.

They have ensured to get cruelty-free international certifications that prove their ethicality.

8. Cover Girl

Another cruelty-free makeup brand that is now very common among makeup artists is CoverGirl.

However, you may not be aware that Cover Girl stopped using any animal-derived ingredients in 2018.

This was the first time a makeup company of this size had achieved the highest level of cruelty-free certification.

They underwent a rigorous audit of our supply chain and ingredients and also agreed to regular independent audits.

After verifying their internal standards, they established protocols for their affiliate links to become Leaping Bunny certified.

In addition to being animal-friendly, every CoverGirl ingredient is available in every country where the brand is sold.

Their CoverGirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation and CoverGirl Lash Blast Clean Volume Mascara are among the top-sold products

9. Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild is one of the most widely available cruelty-free makeup brands at makeup stores.

Their use of synthetic ingredients in the majority of their products helps keep their prices low.

Products from Wet n Wild include lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, foundation, and nail polish.

Their items are astonishing, reasonable, and equipped for contending with other very good quality brands.

Their shimmering MegaGlo Highlighting Powder is a product that promises to give your skin a radiant glow.

You might get it in different shades to pick the one that works best with your coloring.

10. Charlotte Tilbury

If you are a fan of expensive makeup, Charlotte Tilbury’s top-of-the-line, superior-grade, and dazzling makeup is what you need.

Charlotte Tilbury’s products are normally expensive, but they are excellent. Although you won’t find all of their products effective for your skin,

this is however something that can occur with any brand.

Some of the products are packaged without plastic, and they are beginning to use refills.

Their Hollywood Flawless Filter is particularly a favorite of many due to its adaptability. It functions as a face primer and a characteristic highlighter, without any glitter.

11. Izzy

The world’s first zero-waste mascara can be found at Izzy, where lip gloss and brow gel have recently been introduced.

It accompanies no external packaging and is transported in reusable mailers that have been made with upcycled materials.

The cylinder contains no plastic and is produced using tempered steel.

It is made to be cleaned and filled more than 10,000 times, so you will never have to throw away another mascara again.

Naturally, Izzy only makes use of ingredients that are paraben-free, vegan, non-GMO, and certified organic.

After that, they ensure that their products aren’t tested on animals.

12. Urban Decay

Even though Urban Decay is a part of the L’Oréal group, its quality and values are unrelated to those of the L’Oréal brand.

This cruelty-free brand is making a name with each passing day in the beauty industry due to its formulas and quality.

When compared to other high-end or mid-range brands, they are quite good.

Urban Decay is the brand to go with if you’re looking for a dependable foundation or an eyeshadow palette that’s worth the money and you’ll use a lot.

Their All-Nighter spray is a great option if you want to extend the life of your makeup. Urban Decay is vegan and cruelty-free throughout its supply chain.

13. Milani

Since 2022, the Milani Cosmetics brand has been favored by many makeup enthusiasts.

They’re 100 percent cruelty-free and PETA-guaranteed, and they likewise offer a vegan makeup range.

Milani offers cheap, top-notch beauty products for each complexion, style, and mentality.

Additionally, the majority of their products contain synthetic ingredients. This is highly advantageous because it ensures that they are long-lasting and simple to apply.

One of Milani’s most well-known products is the Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer, which you should try.

With a natural matte finish, this multitasking formula provides medium to full coverage.

14. KVD Vegan Beauty

The brand’s name was changed in early 2020 when its former owner, makeup artist Kat Von D, left the company.

However, the brand’s commitment to high-quality vegan and cruelty-free formulas remained unchanged.

Although the products have been embraced by makeup enthusiasts from all over the world, the founder’s history as a tattoo artist is reflected in the packaging and bold colors.

The brand has been cruelty-free starting around 2010 and 100 percent vegan starting around 2016.

Tattoo Liner and Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are the iconic products of the company.

15. Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup will catch your eye if you’re looking for makeup that is vegan, cruelty-free, and easy to use.

Because of its packaging and products that stand out, the brand has made a good name in the makeup industry.

Their formulas end up being very reliable, made with clean ingredients that are great for you.

However, some products may work better than others. They are vegan and cruelty-free certified and make sure that the quality of their products isn’t jeopardized in any way.

Final Thoughts

If you are socially responsible and always prefer adopting an ethical lifestyle, shopping from vegan and a cruelty-free brand is very important.

This list of the best cruelty-free makeup brands narrows all the brands that are affordable and have impressive quality products.

Shop from them today and make your effort to save the environment to make Earth a better living place.

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