What is Ethical Makeup and Why it is Taking over the Beauty Industry?

Understanding the brutality of cosmetics and the makeup industry has been trendy for several years. Nowadays, people are conscious of what they buy and how it is manufactured. Regarding beauty, the introduction of ethical makeup has been a game-changer.

Cosmetics companies are paying attention to the full supply chain, from human rights to environmental effects.

The beauty and personal care sectors generally have a large number of consumers.
This is exactly why almost a hundred versions of the same product often fill the shelves of cosmetic shops.

These products come with different advantages and are available widely across the globe.

But with so many beauty companies on the market, finding a brand promoting ethical practices is critical.

what is sustainable makeup brand

In this article, we have discussed everything about sustainable and vegan makeup. Continue reading to know why you should be concerned about more than simply a clean label.

What exactly is an Ethical Makeup product?

Defining a sustainable beauty product is a broad topic, and only some products on the shelf of a beauty shop fit into it.

However, to make things easier for consumers, a sustainable beauty product can be defined by two factors

Ethical Components

Ethical components are not harmful to our health and our skin. Makeup products must have such components to ensure that our skin remains free of any damage.

Therefore, all products must be manufactured with non-toxic and organic ingredients. Palm oil and its various derivatives should also be avoided because of its effect on rainforest environments.

Fortunately, palm oil-free products are now becoming more widely available.

Sustainable Packaging

Packaging should be addressed because finding a product with sustainable ingredients is essential.

Zero-waste packaging is the most environmentally friendly option for vegan makeup. Reusable glass jars and biodegradable cardboard are two options that can be used.

What Exactly is a Sustainable Makeup Brand?

An ethical makeup brand generally tries to reduce its environmental effect across the entire supply chain. All factors are discussed below, from raw material selection to sustainable packaging to final product transportation.

Ethical Sourcing

Several crucial components in beauty products, such as shea nuts and vanilla, come from labor exploitation.

Everyone in the world is well aware of how child labor generates a negative impact on the brand’s growth.

Hence, all ingredients used in a beauty product should be obtained responsibly. Companies should value their employees and provide fair wages across their supply chain.

They must also evaluate the social and environmental consequences.


Most of our favorite beauty brands should be cruelty-free to label them ethically. Animal testing and harm are not considered good options these days.

However, most cosmetics include animal-derived components such as beeswax and lanolin, which is sebum generated from sheep’s wool.

Some other makeup products also contain casein, a protein derived from cow’s milk. Consequently, our cosmetics might contribute to unethical dairy farming and deforestation.

Ethical makeup brands that are certified vegan and cruelty-free are healthier for animals and the environment.

These brands are more likely to utilize natural ingredients that do not harm your skin.

Zero Waste

Today, most cosmetic products are wrapped in plastic, which could be better.

Since only a few categories of plastic may be recycled, most of it is discarded or burnt.

Therefore, all beauty brands, including their customers, should avoid single-use plastics. Instead, they must choose reusable packaging or plastic alternatives that can be 100% recycled.

The good news is that many sustainable makeup brands have begun to use bamboo or paper in their packaging, making it fully biodegradable.  

Non-organic vs. Organic

As customers grow more conscious of the environmental difficulties caused by pesticides, organic cosmetics, and personal care products are becoming more popular.

While vegan and cruelty-free organizations may approve many items, they may not qualify for organic certification.

Most animal-derived ingredients are still used in makeup products that are harmful to the skin. Hence, all beauty products must be free of chemical components to fall under the ethical category.

Free of Palm Oil

Palm oil and its derivatives are considered harmful to the environment for many reasons. Hence, beauty products must be free of it.

Nevertheless, if palm oil is utilized, it should be responsibly sourced. Sustainable palm oil is sometimes the superior solution since

  • It stimulates holistic industry transformation in ways that boycotting cannot.
  • Palm substitutes like coconut oil may contribute to comparable ethical difficulties in the beauty industry, such as deforestation.
  • Considerate Packaging

Waste is a big issue for the environment. Beauty brands that are looking to excel are utilizing sustainable packaging.

Moreover, zero-waste cosmetic products are becoming more widely available. Such brands also collaborate with firms that employ post-consumer recycled materials and widely recyclable packaging.

Why is it Important to Choose Ethical Makeup Brands?

The makeup and cosmetics industry is growing thanks to its large customer base.

Today, social media platforms have a large community of cosmetics lovers inspired and influenced by cosmetic businesses.

Makeup is a creative way to maximize beauty and express ourselves better. But how can we feel our best when we know that most of these products are made in a cruel way that harms the environment?

Consumers are now looking for ethical makeup brands to move towards a sustainable future.

Shopping from such brands not only gives us satisfaction but also adds our step in making the earth a better living place.

Top Sustainable Makeup Brands to Watch for

Choosing cruelty-free cosmetics does not mean you will not get the quality you deserve.

Various businesses provide fantastic items without jeopardizing the climate and ecosystems.

Among them, some of the brands that have changed the beauty industry with ethical products are

Elf Cosmetics: 

Elf Cosmetics has been a cruelty-free company from its start.

Elate Beauty: 

Elate Beauty has been a pioneer of sustainable makeup. Today, they are providing a diverse product range that is all cruelty-free

Tarte Cosmetics: 

Tarte is known for its long-lasting cosmetics, with numerous vegan and cruelty-free alternatives.

Kjaer Weis:

From Sustainable Cosmetics to sustainable packaging, Kjaer Weis is determined to change the fashion industry with greener options. They are going green through their entire supply chain.

Too Faced:

Too faced are committed to cruelty-free practices and provide diverse goods.

But it’s not simply about avoiding using animals in research. Many cruelty-free products also prioritize sustainability, with eco-friendly packaging and materials supplied responsibly.

Final Thoughts

In the fast-paced world, we often need to pay more attention to seeing whether the product we are purchasing was manufactured in humane ways or not.

However, purchasing a product produced in cruel and harmful ways contributes to environmental harm.

As the beauty and personal care category grows, we must ensure that we buy cruelty-free and sustainable products.

Several ethical makeup brands are now offering amazing, sustainable makeup products with amazing quality. Try them out today and contribute towards a sustainable future.

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