Top 20 Affordable Sustainable clothing Brands to Revamp Your Wardrobe

Top 20 Affordable Sustainable clothing Brands to Revamp Your Wardrobe.

For a long time, laborers and the climate have been negatively influenced equally by fast fashion brands. This process of popular economical clothing being delivered at lightning speed has attracted many people.

But as quickly as we purchase these clothes, they are discarded after some time. Practically speaking, everyone will love buying five new shirts for merely $ 2 when they visit a mall.

Apart from the fact that these shirts were inexpensive, this also includes the fact that they were trendy. However, they will be thrown away once they become out of fashion in the next season.

affordable sustainable clothing brands

To mention that such shirts become worn out because their quality is low. Your misfortune is negligible in terms of cost.

But the actual misfortune it causes comes in the light of negative environmental impacts.

Whether it is recycling or composting, there are numerous sustainable practices we can adopt to live in a more environmentally friendly way.

However, one of the biggest ways to reduce the negative climate effects is by adopting slow fashion.

So, are you ready to say goodbye to fast fashion brands? If you are still in doubt, the proof of global warming should influence your choice to adopt ethical fashion and brands.

Many top brands are now eyeing to support sustainability by manufacturing products in earth-friendly and humane ways. However, most use it as a marketing strategy to promote their business.

Therefore, this guide helps you discover the top affordable sustainable clothing brands to make ethical choices.

How can you Define Sustainable and Affordable Clothing Brands?

So, what precisely do affordable and sustainable clothing brands mean? These are the brands that follow sustainable fashion.

This kind of fashion refers to sustainable practices in the style industry, including the

  • Methodology of design
  • Delivering and consuming garments
  • Environment protection
  • Human rights

Some experts characterize this term comprehensively by considering both the planetary and human effects.

Hence, they describe sustainable and affordable clothing brands as businesses that ensure a healthy life for their consumers and workers.

Such brands ensure to meet the basic rights of workers who make garments through living wages and safe work conditions.

Best Affordable and Sustainable Clothing Brands


Patagonia is one of the most affordable and sustainable clothing brands. This outerwear clothing brand remains a progressive leader in the style business because of its innovative ideas.

Eco-friendly Practices

They are focused on producing high quality things that remain durable for a long time. Their steadfast obligation to use 98% reused materials and their straightforward way of dealing with climate change depict its importance towards Sustainability.

Patagonia’s clothing and accessories show their utilization of Fairtrade, natural cotton, and reused materials.

This responsibility makes them the main choice for customers focusing on durable and eco-accommodating choices.


Patagonia offers a different scope of premium clothes, including tees and water-repellent climbing shorts, all performing well without affecting the climate.


Reformation, a top women’s clothing brand, was brought from a little vintage dress store in Los Angeles. The brand immediately developed into making its garments, focusing on Sustainability.

Ethical Practices

In contrast to subcontracting a production line abroad, which many brands do, Reformation installed a factory in Los Angeles.

This assisted in providing a safe working environment in its entire supply chain. As far as the environment is concerned, Reformation is a carbon-neutral brand.

It offers an inward lifecycle device called RefScale, which teaches the customers about the amount of CO2, water, and waste they’re saving by shopping through them over other clothes.


The catalog of Reformation includes all sorts of women’s garments and accessories. It features routine wear from jeans, skirts, tops, outerwear, sweaters, and jumpsuits.

The collection further advances into beautiful wedding wear. However, the price point of Reformation varies according to the style and fabric used.


Pact is one to look out for in the list of best affordable, sustainable clothing brands. It is focused on making super-delicate sustainable garments for youngsters and grown-ups who want to improve the earth.

How is Pact Sustainable?

This socially conscious brand takes extraordinary measures to ensure its production network is practical and responsible.

From the development and collection of certified organic cotton to the last sewing, they ensure to be eco-friendly. Also, the non-GMO cotton is perfect for yourself and the farmers harvesting it.

Today, Pact is one of the preferred brands because it offers carbon-neutral shipping. Furthermore, it uses biodegradable and recycled packaging to promote ethical practices.


Pact is widely considered for its collection of undergarments. It also features many other clothing and accessories like bedsheets and quilts.

People Tree

People Tree is another women’s clothing brand based in London, United Kingdom. With worldwide delivery, it is a pioneer of affordable sustainable fashion and ultimately becomes a top choice for ethical fashion enthusiasts.

Certified Fairtrade Practices

The brand has been making Fair exchange fashion since around 1991, collaborating with certified farmers and garment workers. In 2013, it became the first main style brand to get the World Fair Exchange Association certification.

It’s additionally confirmed by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for its natural fabrics and synthetic sources. They also ensure an animal-free supply chain, making them sustainable at all costs.


Their catalog includes all kinds of routine wear, from jackets, sweaters, tees, denim, tops, and skirts to activewear like yoga pants and nightwear. They are also providing an extravagant list of jewelry and other accessories.


Canada-based brand Tentree is another brand promoting affordable sustainable fashion. Their garments are appropriate for withstanding temperature and remaining comfortable inside.

Moral Practices

As an environment-friendly brand, Tentree reduces its carbon impression and encourages its customers to do the same.

They intend to eliminate poly bags by shifting to 100 percent post-customer recyclable and biodegradable choices or paper. Additionally, they guarantee that their production workers are regarded, protected, and compensated fairly.


Not only do they provide ethical fashion, but their collection features a wide range of hoodies for both men and women.

They also provide fair trade sweaters, shirts, coats, outerwear, dresses, rompers, jeans, and shorts. Their clothing collection is made with reused or sustainable materials like natural cotton, lyocell fabric, reused polyester, and hemp.

Girlfriend Collective

If you’re one of those individuals who spend most of their time in activewear, you must shift to this size-comprehensive and sustainable brand, Girlfriend Collective.

What is Girlfriend Collective Doing to support Sustainability?

Everything you buy from this affordable brand comes with a sustainability report. Hence, you can perceive how much energy you saved and the amount of CO2 you kept from entering the climate. You can even recycle their garments for store credit.


The brand utilizes post-buyer water bottles, fishing nets, and fabric scraps to make its stockings, sports bras, and bicycle shorts in sizes XXS to 6XL. All of its new activewear with inward shorts is 90% reused plastic, and its scrunchies are produced using scraps to assist with limiting material waste.


MagicLinen is a family-run business that produces affordable linen clothes that are sustainably sourced. Based locally in Lithuania, their clothes are made in little groups and are completely sustainable, normally economical, and biodegradable.

Sustainable Practices

They utilize the full flax plant and hence leave zero waste in manufacturing. They also utilize biodegradable packaging and ensure that everything is produced without harmful chemicals.


Their clothing collection includes stonewashed and relaxed linen, which come in various styles and are sold in abundant quantity. Their linen pullover dresses are among the top sellers.


Are you searching for durable clothing with a minimal price tag that remains in fashion for an entire season? Outerknown has them.

What are the sustainable practices adopted by Outerknown?

This green brand realizes that being a truly sustainable brand must consider both the planet and people during and post-production.

The group works with worldwide accomplices who provide fair living wages and practice sustainable creation, cautiously detailing each step.

It’s likewise been a forerunner in making numerous sustainable items, including reused plastic trunks. And the best part is that they offer a wide range for both men and women.


They have a wide range of garments for both men and women, including activewear and outerwear. They are best known for their jeans, whether from their thrift shop.

Amour Vert

Amour Vert, another sustainable brand, is about positively impacting Earth.

Sustainable Practices

Amour Vert comprehends that almost 60% of clothing’s natural effect happens during fiber and fabric fabricating. The company has established direct associations with factories to make its own feasible and strong fabrics to battle this.

Its obligation to support sustainability starts with choosing the most eco-accommodating, recognizable, and maintainable raw materials and goes on through the assembling system.


Amour Vert’s catalog varies from women’s jumpsuits to various tops and tees. They also provide different styles, including Colombe dresses, Russo dresses, and cardigans.

Nudie Jeans

If you are looking for top male, affordable sustainable clothing brands, Nudie Jeans should be on your list. It is a Swedish denim and casual clothing brand that knows the most environmentally friendly way to dress is to avoid clothes altogether.

Sustainable Practices

Almost all the fibers used in Nudies garments are cotton, which is organic. Every pair of Nudie Jeans comes with a lifetime of free repairs to extend the product’s life, no matter when or where you bought them.


Since 2001, the brand has responsibly produced timeless garments that are durable, beginning with dry denim. Its jeans are still the hero product, but the label has expanded to include T-shirts, sweaters, outerwear, and more.

MATE the Label

Want a green storage room from an American-made ladies’ clothing brand? MATE, the label, is here to assist you with it. As per them, the future of clothing must be clean, and you can get it with them.

What is MATE the Label doing for its consumers?

They have clothes made of fabrics like natural cotton, low-influence dyes, moral production, and eco packaging. You will find clothes made of lyocell, linen, hemp, and some customary cotton in their collection, along with natural cotton. They have made an eco-accommodating office with bamboo work, natural tampons, eco-accommodating papers, and in-house composting.


As one of the most reasonable clothing brands, they feature ladies’ bottoms, natural sweatpants, tees, pullovers, jumpsuits, tank tops, and much more.

Mara Hoffman 

Mara Hoffman is known for those fun, crunchy popcorn dresses that won’t get wrinkles and look great on everybody.

Ethical Approach

They use Tencel Modular fabric, a harmless to the ecosystem material produced using beechwood. Mara Hoffman’s clothes are normally beautiful and refined, and underneath the surface conceals some genuinely insightful choices.

Each choice is a sign of approval for the climate, from obtaining compostable bundling to computerized printing instead of coloring to save water.

The brand has even quit conventional runway shows during Style Week. This gives you more motivation to get yourself a Mara Hoffman dress.


Mara Hoffman provides a range of women’s clothing, including winter wear like mock necks and sweaters to jackets.

They have casual and party wear dresses, which come in floral and plaid printing. They are one to watch for with a good range in the men’s collection.


Mightly is a certified Fairtrade and sustainable fashion brand that makes children’s clothing from certified organic cotton.

Established by three mothers with many years of involvement with the clothing industry, they were focused on creating durable kid’s clothing.

The basic idea was to produce clothes that could withstand kid clothing’s normal wear and tear.

How is Mightly producing sustainable fashion?

Along with the usage of organic cotton, the manufacturing process of Mightly is highly ethical.

They ensure a zero-waste policy and also ensure biodegradable packaging. And the best part of shopping from Mightly is that you can get a lot of preowned sustainable options.


With Mightly, you can have a range of vibrant and cool tops and bottoms that are non-harmful and that your children will love. They have funky-styled tees, especially for boys.

Toad & Co

Toad & CO was brought into the world in Telluride, Colorado back in 1995. Jessica Nordhaus began the brand in her carport, making caps by hand for her companions.

Ethical Practices

Since its unassuming start, Toad and Co. has focused on numerous social and natural drives.

This includes co-financing Search for Adventure, a travel program for people with formative inabilities, and conversation projects through The Conversation Alliance.


This brand is bluesign-ensured and gives you vegan choices and classic and preloved items. You can shop their cutting-edge travel and sports clothing or select preloved items from their website.


Denim production is said to be horrendous for the climate since it involves the use of toxic chemicals and synthetics. However, the legacy owner of jeans creation, Levi’s, is doing whatever it takes to reduce it.

Eco-accommodating plans

The brand has aggressive plans, swearing 100 percent economically obtained cotton by 2025 and huge decreases to its creation impression.

Up to that point, you can investigate Levi’s earth-accommodating drives with Waterless, an open-source creation technique created to lessen water use, and Secondhand, a commerce and buyback program presented in 2020.


If you are looking for the best jeans in the market, Levi’s has a wide range of items for both men and women. Their catalog features all the colors you should have in your wardrobe.


Allbirds has made a significant mark in the fashion industry by producing highly comfortable shoes using sustainable materials.

Eco-obliging Manufacturing

It’s continually finding and utilizing more ethical and reused materials. In addition, it is continuously finding ways of bringing down its carbon impression, intending to become environment-positive.


Allbirds has a huge collection providing sneakers and loungewear for everyone. They have unique and trendy designs which can be a great addition to your collection.


A leek work-life womenswear startup, ADAY rests on specialized fabrics that perform like athletic clothing.

How is ADAY promoting Sustainability?

ADAY is dedicated to responsibly sourced materials. This includes Reused Scuba, a delicate stretchy fabric produced using reused water bottles.

ADAY urges its clients to be lifers, recently sending off the Outfit Repeater Challenge. This boosted its clients to wear its adaptable clothes again and again.

Furthermore, if you wear an item 200 times, the brand will deal with reusing it.


ADAY provides its customers with dresses and tops and everyday essentials like blouses and jumpsuits.


Everlane is a solid and affordable brand for denim, business or easygoing clothing, proficient footwear, and Italian cowhide totes.

Earth-friendly Approaches

These stylish looks are made with fine fabrics in ethical factories across the globe. They also provide revolutionary transparency about how they are manufacturing everything. It’s easy to see the effect each dress has on the environment on their website.

The brand’s sustainability page shows its natural drives, carbon responsibility, and yearly effect report. This way, you can stay up to date with how Everlane is and will keep on raising its ethical practices.


Everlane is also among those affordable sustainable clothing brands that cover both men’s and women’s designs, including kids.

They provide a great range of tops, tees, shirts, casual wear, and outerwear. Furthermore, they have the best range of accessories which you will love.

Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard increases expectations for the top ethical dress brands and leads the way.

Sustainable Approach Adopted by Color Standard

All their clothing involves low-influence dyes with an OEKO-TEX certificate, making it free from harmful chemicals.

Everything is manufactured at an ethical production unit in Portugal, which adheres to strict environmental principles set by the EU.

This brand also focuses on the reduction of material waste. Any extras are reused and given another life as things like furniture fillings.


The natural cotton tees, crewnecks, economical hoodies, running pants, and other products by Colorful Standard are top-notch, delicate, and durable.

With 63 low-influence tones, their Natural Crewnecks are best for their comfortable and strong fit.


In the fashion industry, just 2% of the workers get enough living wages. However, ABLE, a clothing brand, is straightforward to guarantee their laborers stay within the other 98%.

What is ABLE doing to promote Sustainability?

While finding charming clothes made from sustainable fabrics like natural cotton, cotton, and modular is conceivable with ABLE, you’ll see a few other materials.

Moreover, reused inbound delivery boxes are utilized for outbound shipments. They are consistently supplanting plastic poly bags with reusable fabric dust bags.


As a sustainable clothing USA-based brand, they have a collection of ladies’ tops, tees, coats, sweaters, dresses, jumpsuits, denim, skirts, different bottoms, and accessories.

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