Best Bamboo Clothing Brands that can bring New Style to your Wardrobe

Best Bamboo Clothing Brands that can bring New Style to your Wardrobe

Bamboo fabric clothing has been significant over the years due to its sustainability and longevity.

Although bamboo has been a chief component in structural components in past years, new technology has allowed bamboo fiber to be used in textile applications and trendy fashions.

Bamboo is said to be a super soft fabric that feels good whenever you wear it. Moreover, its anti-bacterial, wrinkle-resistant, and eco-friendly properties will make it a great addition to your wardrobe.

However, since many people don’t know how bamboo fabric is made, others need help finding bamboo garments.

This article covers the best bamboo clothing brands that are working on sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Continue reading if you want to improve your wardrobe with green practices.


Said to be one of the quickest-growing brands, Boody is offering eco-friendly and cheap garments to its customers.

With sustainability on their minds, this brand is focused on manufacturing soft bamboo garments that are unique and stylish.

To provide their customers with high-quality, they are using organic bamboo that is made without using any pesticides or fertilizers.

Since they use organic bamboo, their garments are incredible insulators for warm weather, apart from being super soft as well.  


The catalog of Boody includes top-rated clothes for men and women, which include loungewear, activewear, shirts, undergarments, and socks.


BAM, another big name on the list of best bamboo clothing brands, is continuously aiming to make a complete range of sustainable products.

They have a great focus on what are sustainable products and ensure that green practices are adopted in their manufacturing.

Moreover, BAM is aiming to end landfill waste, pollution, and water waste by 2030. The brand’s clothing is very gentle on the skin and keeps you cool for longer.


BAM produces excellent sportswear for all activities. But their yoga pants are said to be their top product.

You can shop clothing for any sports activity, whether you are just going for a walk or are on a hike. And the best part is that all of their clothes are designed for flexibility and comfort.


Thought, a sustainable bamboo clothing company, has been making a difference in its customer’s lives since its establishment in 1995. As its name indicates, Thought makes sure to reduce its waste as much as it can.

They recycle their leftover fabrics and adopt other techniques like upcycling to make new designs.

By encouraging people to choose sustainable and greener clothes, they are aiming to make the Earth a better place for living.

This brand uses EcoCert, which is organic and standard-certified bamboo, in their products. All of their garments are comfortable, breathable, and adaptive to temperature regulation.


The product list of Thought includes t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, and socks. For colder temperatures, they also have amazing warm coats.

Mary Young

With the idea of women empowerment, Mary Young was founded in 2014, and all of its clothes are manufactured in Montreal, Canada.

Using bamboo viscose fabric, Mary Young manufactures top-quality underwear for women. 

They guarantee that all of their garments are UV-protected and doesn’t involve any harmful chemical.

Since their garments are proven to be made in a sustainable environment, Mary Young has made a big name in sustainable brands.

Their ethical practices involve limiting the usage of plastic bags, which are made for a single-use purpose. And for their packaging, they are using recycled plastic.


Mary Young manufactures amazing body suits, bathrobes, and everyday essentials for women. The main advantage of shopping from this brand is that their clothes are customizable.

Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth produces excellent clothes using viscose bamboo fabric. Their clothing is highly attractive, fits all body shapes, and has excellent insulation properties. 

Cozy Earth is generally said to be the best manufacturer of bamboo clothing because its products are long-lasting and are free from any synthetics.


Along with soft loungewear, this brand has a variety of bedsheets and other household items. Their household items also include pillows and blankets.


If you have ever tried to find warm women’s clothing brands, the name Encircled would appear in the list of best bamboo clothing brands.

Encircled is another top-notch brand that has sustainable fashion designs made of bamboo fabrics.

With beautiful color schemes, this brand follows the idea of slow fashion. All of their garments are made to last longer in terms of sustainable fashion and durability as well.


Encircled sells women’s blazers, blouses, dresses, bottoms, and coats, which are made of bamboo fibers.


Since bamboo clothing is a way towards a sustainable future, Cariloha believes it totally. In 2020, Cariloha earned the Green Business Award for its eco-friendly products.

Since then, they are still trying to protect the environment by utilizing sustainable bamboo fabrics in their products and recyclable packaging for all items.


Cariloha’s collection has a variety of products, including bamboo leggings, outerwear, lingerie, sleepwear, and facemasks. Its bamboo pillows are among the top sellers on the household items list.

Free Fly

Free Fly is a family-run business that has been promoting ethical fashion since its origin. Their clothing not only has comfort but includes a luxury touch as well. Modern characteristics of Free Fly clothing include moisture wicking.

Furthermore, their bamboo fabric is highly breathable and dries quickly, making it ideal for water sports. Free Fly is helping the environment by reducing the use of plastics in their product packaging.


Apart from providing a huge range of super soft clothing, Free Fly provides equipment for adventurous activities like fishing.


Founded in California in 2007, YALA is a leading bamboo clothing company that offers top-level ladies’ garments.

Yala Designs supports fair labor practices, as well as the use of low-impact dyes and green manufacturing.


At YALA, you can select anything you want, from bamboo socks loungewear, activewear, bedding sheets, and more.

Tasc Performance

Tasc Performance claims that they are producing the best sports and activewear in the world, and it might be correct in terms of sustainability.

They manufacture flexible clothing for both men and women made from bamboo fabric, which ultimately feels great. In their fabric collection, they have developed their bamboo-based fabric called BamCo.

This is a delicate, breathable, and very durable fabric. Their simple fashion designs are adaptive to any season and hence are included sustainably.


The collection of Tasc Performance includes sportswear, shorts, bottoms, and leggings for both men and women.  

NXT Stop

NXT Stop manufactures t-shirts from sustainable bamboo viscose that are both flexible and fashionable.

This brand is also collaborating with other ethical manufacturers who are also making energy and water-saving measures.


Products of NXT Stop include relaxed t-shirts in black and white as their top-selling product.

Leave Nothing but Footprints

LNBF, a Canadian company, was founded by people who were passionate about manufacturing gentle garments to save nature as much as it can be.

The sustainable materials used by this firm are organic bamboo, organic cotton, and Tencel. Non-toxic Oeko-Tex 100-certified colors are also used, which are free from any synthetics.


LNBF is making and selling women’s shirts, bottoms, dresses, sweaters, and loungewear.


One of the sustainable clothing brands based in the United States, Asquith was founded in 2002. Bamboo fabrics and other sustainable materials are used to make Asquith’s eco-friendly and comfortable clothes.

They are ensuring fair labor practices throughout the supply chain as part of its commitment to environmental standards.

Consumers like Asquith’s lovely, cozy clothes while feeling good about their impact on the environment.


A main range of Asquith includes comfortable women’s yoga and athletics, as well as loungewear.

Spun Bamboo

As the name indicates, Spun Bamboo is one of the best bamboo clothing brands that capitalizes on the fantastic properties of bamboo plants.

They are manufacturing all of their products using organic cotton and bamboo viscose, which ensures a durable end product.

All of their fabrics come with effective insulation properties, explaining why it is one of the most popular brands.


Their catalog includes straight-cut bamboo t-shirts, comfortable long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, as well as undergarments, socks, and even face masks.


Ettitude is a leading brand that offers women’s pajamas that are comfortable and hypoallergenic. These garments are made of bamboo lyocell fabrics, which are manufactured sustainably.

The cloth is really silky and feels softer when it is worn. Ettitude recycles plastic bottles, reducing their environmental effect and saving 277 million gallons of water.


Ettitude offers a number of pajama styles in a variety of colors, including short sleeves, long sleeves, and bamboo pajamas.

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