Top Linen Clothing Brands for a Sustainable Wardrobe

Top Linen Clothing Brands for a Sustainable Wardrobe

As people are concerned about the environment, clothing brands are equally involved as they are looking to produce sustainable fabrics that are better for the environment.

Linen, which is made of flax fibers, easily wicks away moisture and is more resilient than cotton.

With exceedingly simple to care for and always cool to the touch, linen clothing is making an impact while creating a good environment.

Besides growing easily, flax plant doesn’t require as much water, pesticides, herbicides, or time as cotton does.

And since you are preserving more water, it is clear to say that linen is more environmentally friendly than others.

In this article, you will get a chance to know how you can flaunt your style while contributing to the environment with top linen clothing brands

1. Linen Handmade Studio

This brand was established with a vision of offering high-quality and stylish clothing options. The team is dedicated to producing eco-friendly linen garments. 

Linen Handmade Studio is highly committed to promoting ethical production by minimizing its carbon footprint.

To promote sustainability, they are using eco-friendly packaging and source their materials responsibly.

Their garments are perfect for warm weather and are designed to fit perfectly. The impeccable tailoring ensures that you not only look good but also feel comfortable.


Maxi dresses, tunics, miniskirts, wide-leg pants, jumpsuits, crop pants, Bermuda shorts, and high-waisted shorts are all included in their products.

They also feature a wide range of home decor.

2. Eileen Fisher

This brand was founded by Eileen Fisher, a designer who aimed to simplify fashion while prioritizing ethical practices.

They have a linen collection from two sources: one is the finest flax from France, and the second one is a Chinese-certified organic flax that is grown without any chemicals.

They dye most of their clothing in Spain, which is then manufactured in Indonesia. Their production process involves the natural drying of stalks.

Additionally, the linen is grown through crop rotation, which makes it a pest-free food chain. 


Their clothing for women includes tops, tees, cardigans, sweaters, jackets, coats, vests, pants, skirts, and sleepwear. 

3. Love & Confuse

This brand exceeds all expectations with regard to sustainability and eco-accommodating practices.

Besides the fact that they offer dazzling outfits produced using sustainable materials, they additionally involve green manufacturing in their production and packing strategies.

This brand is the most suitable choice for people who need to put resources into style and solace and are interested in safeguarding the planet. 


Love and Confuse offers a range of trendy garments, like jumpsuits, pants, tops, skirts, and dresses.

4. Neu Nomads

When you look for top linen clothing brands, you will find a lot of them that are working on sustainability.

This brand inspects everything according to its moral methodology, i.e., from its fabric choices to manufacturing plants and its final packed products.

Their 100 percent natural material is paired with non-harmful, OEKO-confirmed, and AZO-free dyes.

For coloring, they collaborate with a UN-accomplice craftsman group in Rajasthan, India, that sticks to strict ecological and social principles.

The color house is controlled by sun-oriented energy, uses water caught from rainstorms, and reuses 90% of all water utilized.


Their clothing range made of flax includes shirts, tunics, dresses, and loose and cozy palazzo pants.

linen clothing

5. Linenfox

Linenfox garments are all about 100 percent natural, poison-free, OEKO-TEX-ensured linen fabric.

They have a preshrunk and mellow strategy during the manufacturing process. This guarantees their garments feel delicate and smooth once you buy them.

All linen garments are specially made by a little group of 20 esteemed experts working under one rooftop who are paid by fair exchange standards.

To eliminate the chances of linen fabric waste, Linenfox utilizes any piece of material to make new items, like scrunchies.

They use earth-accommodating packing materials that are usually made up of 98% recycled plastic.


Linenfox offer a very sustainable wardrobe. They have sustainable linen shorts, coats, jackets, dresses, jumpsuits, shirts, skirts, tops, and trousers.

6. Reformation

Reformation ensures that sustainable fashion is for everyone. It began as a little classic store in LA, presently plans its delightful styles, and has a determination of sustainable dress stores in London and across the US.

The eco-friendly brand praises the female body in the most gorgeous and sustainable fabric. Apart from using linen, Reformation utilizes reasonable materials like natural cotton, reused cotton, cloth, and Tencel-lyocell. 


Reformation’s linen range is huge, with coordinating sets, dresses, pants, shorts, and blazers. On tops, they have various silhouettes and prints. It even offers linen shoes for a complete fashion.  

7. Everlane

Everlane makes contemporary and wonderful basics at the best manufacturing plants.

It’s an incredible brand to purchase high-quality, reasonable, and sustainable garments made from linen.

Everlane is settled in San Francisco and sells essentially on the web. Everlane is commonly known for its extremely radical transparency.

It teaches customers about its inventory network, industrial facilities, representatives, and the price breakdown of every item.


This brand offers ethically made and durable basics, shoes, and accessories for ladies and men. 

texture of linen fabric

8. Beaumont Organic

Hannah founded Beaumont Organic with the vision of “where luxury and sustainability intersect.”

This brand offers an amazing setup of pieces created from natural and non-polluting eco-friendly materials.

Their main clothing is produced using GOTS-confirmed organic linen, which is a demonstration of their obligation to the ethical style.

Hannah has made it simple for clients to follow the journey of their clothing articles with trust and care in the fashion process.

Beaumont Organic makes garments from natural fabrics, similar to flax material dresses.

The brand distributes a catalog of the manufacturing plants, has a maintenance program, and is sending off a resale program.  


Beaumont Organic offers a wide range of clothing, i.e., dresses, nightwear, underwear, jackets and knits, yoga dresses, as well as home decor. 

9. People Tree 

People Tree is a brand that has been supporting sustainable design long before it was a popular expression.

They’ve been in the green game for quite a long time, demonstrating that you can make sleek, stylish garments with a harmless approach.

People Tree is a sustainable organic linen clothing brand that includes Fair Exchange, guaranteed natural cotton, cloth, and recycled fabrics.

In 2013, People Tree turned into the main design organization to be granted the World Fair Exchange Association (WFTO)product label, ensuring devotion and consistency with the Fairtrade standards.


People Tree has home clothing for women, including cute and comfy dresses, trousers, denim, knitwear, and more. 

10. MagicLinen

MagicLinen is another big name in the list of top linen clothing brands that provide reasonable garments made from European linen.

This brand ensures that the garments must be liberated from any destructive synthetic substances.

Magic Linen’s garments are made from locally obtained linen, which is amazingly harmless to the ecosystem.

All of their products are also OEKO-TEX certified, meaning that you can be sure they are not harmful when touching your skin.


Magic Linen provides women’s and men’s natural linen clothing and accessories, that includes bags and hats. Scarves are also among their top selling products. 

11. Mara Hoffman 

Mara Hoffman offers long-lasting and reasonable clothing designed made from recycled textiles and eco-friendly linen materials.

This brand is well-known for its harmless fashion pieces made from pre- and post-consumer waste.

Not only is it environmentally friendly, but this brand offers stylish and unique alternatives.

They are manufactured responsibly in smaller batches under fair conditions by using GOTS-certified cotton, recycled nylon, and recycled polyester.

This brand even has a range of OEKO-TEX-certified products. 


Their catalog includes a wide range of activewear, knitwear, swimwear, lingerie, and tops. 

12. Whimsy + Row 

This brand began its fashion journey with an eco-friendly approach in 2014 with a mission to “provide ease and elegance for the modern, sustainable woman.”

Till then, the brand is using various harmless fabrics like linen, organic denim, and organic cotton.

This LA-based clothing brand features a wide linen lineup, including almost all types of garments and styles based on season or all year round.

Its linen source uses natural flax that is grown in Belgium. It is then dyed back in the city using recycled water and certified low-impact dyes.

At the same time, it sources materials and ships products globally. 


This brand sells complete linen dresses as well as separates for women in recycled packaging material. 

13. Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn is a sustainable fashion designer who makes reasonable clothing for women and girls solely from upcycled clothing material that feels light and delicate on the skin.

Christy Dawn plans each style in view of life span. Each design piece is deliberately ageless and adaptable.

To guarantee they’re safeguarding the planet, the brand makes its heartfelt, fundamental dresses from deadstock or regeneratively cultivated cotton from land they steward themselves.

Basically, regenerative cultivating makes the earth better and assists the ground with retaining carbon from the air. 


This USA-based clothing brand offers Basics, loungewear, knitwear, outerwear, shoes, and accessories for women and girls. 

14. Amour Vert

Amour Vert is one of the sustainable linen clothing brands that makes linen clothing for women that is stylish.

Its clothing is reasonable and better for the planet. Amour Vert is committed to making fashion versatile and sustainable.

The eco-friendly brand has been planting trees regularly in North American forests.


Amour Vert is an affordable brand that makes classic staples such as pants, denim, dresses, knitwear, and other basics. 

15. MATE the label 

All of the clothing manufactured by MATE the label is knit, cut, stitched, and dyed in Los Angeles, close to the company’s offices, minimizing needless transportation.

This brand is certified as climate-neutral. All of the company’s items are dyed with low-impact, organic, and non-toxic colors and exclusively GOTS-certified cotton.

Even their sportswear is made with less spandex than other manufacturers, and the leftover fabric is recycled into new goods using a fiber recycler.


This brand is well known for comfortable t-shirts and tanks, linen sets, and sweatpants. 

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